The Gazzola Prize was established in 1979 in memory of Piero Gazzola, one of the greatest defenders of the conservation and restoration of historic monuments and sites, and a founder of ICOMOS. The prize is awarded every three years at the General Assembly of ICOMOS to an individual or a group of people who have worked together and contributed with distinction to the aims and objectives of ICOMOS. 




Dr. Tamás Fejérdy, an architect, honorary university professor, and conservation engineer is an expert in several World Heritage areas, a member of international heritage preservation working committees. He is a defining and creative personality behind numerous internationally accepted and criterion-setting professional theoretical documents worldwide. The Gazzola Prize acknowledges the more than 50 years of his devoted work. Through his perspective, exceptional theoretical and practical expertise, as well as his problem-solving abilities, he has significantly contributed to shaping international approaches, methodologies, and requirements for heritage conservation in response to the new challenges facing the world.