OECD Environmental Policy Committee’s (EPOC) 2022 Ministerial Meeting („Ensuring a Resilient and Healthy Environment for All”) was organized on 30-31 March with the co-chairmanship of the USA and Luxembourg. Hungary was represented by Barbara Botos, Deputy State Secretary for Climate Affairs.

Ministers and high-level representatives from the OECD’s 38 member countries and the European Union, as well as Bulgaria, Croatia, Peru and Romania, committed in a formal OECD Declaration to intensify their work on climate and the environment, including doing more to curb biodiversity loss, address plastic pollution, align finance with environmental objectives and accelerate climate change action with a view to keeping the 1.5°C temperature rise limit within reach.

One of the OECD’s oldest policy committees, the Environment Policy Committee, which convenes periodically at Ministerial level, has played a leading role for over half a century as a standard-setter in developing environmentally effective and economically efficient responses to pressing environmental, climate change and biodiversity crises.