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     The Hungarian Parliament                                                                                 Matthias Church


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Virtual expositions

      Ceiling of the Hungarian State Opera                                Bridges - Ages - Budapest 

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      Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest                                   Hungarian photographers during the Pandemic 

Photo on Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

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      Hungarian National Gallery                                                   My little beasts in children's book illustration 

Photo by  Caro Sodar from Pixabay 

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     Photographer Robert Capa (1913-1954)                                          Klára Rotschild - Fashion Queen behind the Iron Curtain

Photo by  Stanislav Kondratiev  from Pexels  

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       Photo competition "365 Hungary"

In 2019, the Hungarian Government announced the photo competition called „365 Hungary” aiming to present the values of the country. Amateur and professional photographers submitted more than 20 000 images in three categories. On the site you can find the best photos, including the award-winning images.
Photo by  Kaboompics .com  from Pexels  


Online literature


"Babelmatrix is a multidimensional-multilingual web anthology, which is displaying parallel the original and the translated works. This provides the users with an adequate glimpse into the culture of other European countries, in which the national literatures play a decisive role. This portal is representing and realizing the European idea of multilingualism, unity in diversity."

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